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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  July 3, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everybody mt. i'm beth troutman. we've got great stories and the videos behind them, "right this minute." tragedy at an exotic car show after a car lost control -- >> and drove right into a crowd of people. >> oh! >> oh, no! >> we've got the story behind a driver's simple mistake. what's an ice climber to do when the ice is melting beneath him? >> you think he might want a rope? >> see what happens when he gets one. some hot chicks get into it over a doggy souvenir on the streets. >> what's she going to do with it, guys? >> but does the pop punishment fit the crime? and spreading cold butter on toast. >> people are mad about this situation. >> hear about a new product to
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solve it or just do what my mama taught me. >> it's perfect and you don't need this. it's time to get today's show started and nick has our first video. >> a parade of exotic cars turned to pandemonium in sweden. a club of exotic italian sports cars from the '70s were rolling into this square. watch towards the top of your screen and you'll see one of these powerful cars lose control. it's believed the man mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal. he drove right into a crowd of people. >> oh, what? >> oh, no. >> you can hear the engine roar. two people seriously injured. one man was left stuck on the hood of this car, another one was trapped underneath the car. the two people inside the car had minor injuries. if this truly was a brake instead of gas error, why are you just slamming on the brake even that hard? once that car just gets out of
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control just a little bit, people panic. they freeze, their feet go stiff against the pedals. in a case like this where the car is so powerful, it takes a few seconds. >> i almost feel like there's no excuse for having that accident. >> investigations are ongoing on the car to see if there was any mechanical failure that maybe sent the car into the crowd. >> how horrible for the car enthusiasts that came to watch this. it's the last thing in the world that you would expect because they are coming in so slowly and it is like a parade. this is a guy in kennedy's gully, colorado, doing some ice climbing. but look at the ice that he's climbing. it's like an inch thick. >> it's melting. >> it's melting, and it's got a steady stream of water rolling over the top, also melting the ice. there are people shooting a
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video from where this guy is trying to reach. as you can imagine, they're a little concerned. >> he almost loses it. eventually the people at the top say, hey, buddy, you think you might want a rope. >> we've got a rope if you want it. >> you want a rope? >> do you want to hang on? >> that would be great. >> eventually they throw him the rope. good thing they did. >> oh! >> got you. >> just like an iceberg breaks up. >> i'm so glad he accepted the rope. >> yeah. this guy really got lucky because it doesn't sound like those people were part of his group. they saved his life. >> mm-hmm. >> you're not going anywhere. >> eventually the guy makes his way to the summit here. you know, it's important to point out this guy does have some ropes trailing behind him, but you can still get seriously
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injured falling. you can imagine when he got to the top, breathes a pretty big sigh of relief. >> we knew what it was like when we came up this morning. come on. this is just a guess, but i'm thinking this guy might need some anger management classes. >> what? >> oh, wait, is this a cell phone store? >> yep, you are exactly right, nick. this is a t-mobile store in manchester in england. the guy that you're seeing destroying the fit is 42-year-old jason kodner, according to reports. >> i can completely feel this man right now. i understand. how many times have you just wanted to throw these things out the window? what is he doing? >> that's a fire extinguisher. >> after he pulled everything
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off the walls and knocks over displays and counters, he gets the fire extinguisher and starts spraying it all over the store, all while the employee, the guy behind the counter, just has to look on. according to reports, he was in the store to dispute his contract. and we all know that this contract can be frustrating. >> right, right. >> he didn't get the answer that he wanted. and instead of just exchanging heated words with the customer service person behind the counter, he started rpping the tace to shreds. outside. you can see the reflection in the glass. look how many people are watching this. >> and are they all just going, yes! >> it's about time. >> watch the employee. he calls authorities, he does call the police. right after he gets off the phone, you actually see the security from the shopping center where the store is located come in. it looks like in sweatshirts. it's kind of weird. these are intimidating mall employees.
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>> thhe seems oddly calm with h destruction. >> he was 19 taken in and charged with criminal damages. the cops are like yeah, we have to arrest you, but we feel your pain. flag ceremony in brazil. one of the coolest things is the fact they have a little fighter jet fly over. >> it's always louder than you expect. if you're at a sporting event and they fly over, it's always really loud. >> but look closely at this building. >> oh! all the windows broke. >> the windows shattered. >> man, that stinks. >> it created a shock wave that broke the windows of that building. >> how do they not think of that beforehand? who planned this? >> now, the air force is launching an investigation to see what happened, but i think
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it's kind of obvious what happened. >> yeah, we saw it. >> we saw it, it's on video. >> check the tape. >> but they do plan to reimburse the building for its damages. so that's nice. proudly bearing the olympic flame until -- >> oh. >> what the heck. >> see the sneaky fellas who try to snatch it away. and the boy with mad ping pong skills is back. >> yeah. we all said he was going to be like the beer pong champ by the time he made it to college. >> see his newest trick that will wow you. ñ?
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the olympics again at the end of this month in london. currently the torch is on its journey to the opening ceremony. it's a 70-day relay. yesterday morning the torch was in coventry. look what happened.
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>> oh! >> what the heck? >> he's like my turn, my turn, i'm going now. >> two students, two young students came into the relay path on the street past the guards. the guards are the guys in the gray shorts and t-shirts and just tried to grab the torch away from the guy who was carrying it, who was a member of the national health service. there were five of them who were doing the torch relay. >> so these kids were obviously old enough to know better. this is just a prank, right? >> according to some reports, it was an actual prank that these boys had concocted. but what's crazy, they go right past these guards. this is making people think, wait a minute, we might need more security for this. they had three different guards who are trained to actually run with the torch at all times up to 30 miles per day. but evidently something slipped past them and it just happened to be two kids. >> did the kids get in serious
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trouble for this or just kind of get shoved away. >> according to reports, no real action was taken against the two boys other than they had to have a friendly chat with the cops directly after. shelby gt 500. cool cars? >> very much. very fast. >> i found a couple that i think are going to make you gag. >> sound good. >> they sound like they're supposed to. >> sound good. they took terrible. >> they painted it pink with weird white stripes and yellow stripes with weird decals. there's a playboy sticker. >> barbie might like this. >> they're driving this and another car from kuwait to morocco. >> they look like a 5-year-old got the sticker book out and went all over this car. i'm not even into cars but even i know you shouldn't do this. >> no. especially when you're driving next to people driving really cool ferraris or other good-looking cars. >> maybe that's just the style
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in kuwait. they may think our custom cars are ugly. >> you're right. maybe they think our cars are boring. really, just black? i don't know why the pink car on the hood says try me once. like try me the color once or i'll let you ride in the car once. >> we wouldn't drive these cars. >> so if they came here and said, nick, would you drive this car? >> you know what, maybe i would drive it. i wouldn't allow any ptures.u o stinks -- >> trying to spread cold butter onto toast in the morning. >> the greatest invention ever is sliced bread and you can't spread anything on it when it's cold. >> there may now be a solution thanks to a u.k. bread baker. they have developed the toasty knife. they say this is britain's top five annoyances. this toasty knife heats up to
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107 degrees fahrenheit in 30 seconds. that's the optimal temperature for butter spreading. >> to ensure an optimum butter spreading experience, it comes complete with a handy heated blade that can be activated in a moment. >> he said good, quality bread. >> that's for the optimal toast experience. they call this the perfect toast experience. >> you can avoid all of this if you just put a couple of pats of butter on the bread before you shove it in the toaster oven and you don't need this thing. >> i am with you, but i would like to own this. where can i get one? >> here's the thing, they have not decided if they're going to go through with the production of the toasty knife. people are mad about this situation. they can't get their butter spread properly. they need help! >> when you put it in the microwave you're messing up an
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extra dish that you have to wash. you're wasting water. >> you don't like this knife, then you don't care about the environment. so this blond walks up to this brunette and basically says -- >> i think you pooped on the sidewalk. i don't know if it's you or your dog, probably your dog. >> so then the blond does something about it but something doesn't smell quite right with this video, and we're not talking about the dog poo. and whoever called it the cone of shame apparently didn't tell this dog, because he's -- >> a little happy. >> see why it's more like the cone of in vain later. dd
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it's time for the best of rtm where we tell you about bonus videos you can find on our website. what have you got? >> this time it's fireworks from angles you don't always see. this guy has a couple of interesting videos. the first one, he has a camera mounted on a firework as it's being shot in the air. another one from jeremiah, fireworks from above. he's got a go-pro hanging from a balloon. the fireworks are being shot towards the camera. it's like an aerial view, pretty cool stuff, especially for the holidays. >> it's a nice way to get ready for the fourth of july. just head over to and click on best of rtm. >> and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for our special fourth
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of july show. i think you guys are going to like this video. nick, you're going to like there are a bunch of pretty women in this and you're going to like it because it's kind of like a prank and i need you to use your russian translation skills. >> that's a little poop on a sidewalk left by a dog and this woman. we'll call her the brunette. well, the blonde doesn't like what the brunette has done so she engamings ges her. >> the girl is like why are you rolling up on me, mind your business. >> and the blonde is say i don't know if you or your dog pooped on the sidewalk. if it's your dog, you should clean it up. >> you know what, let's just forget about the poop and make out. [ whistle ] >> moving on with the story, look what she does with the doggy duty. she picks it up with a napkin. what's she going to do with it? >> she throws it at the car and
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runs away with a big smile on her face. >> i wonder if this is fake because the feces don't necessarily look like it. it could be a mashed up candy bar. see, there's too many perfect things here. the dog is cute, the girl is cute, nice car. and this girl seems to have no problem being on camera and being berated by a stranger. >> and it ends jst at theight off at theight time. >> i think it might be fake. a few months ago, steven over here introduced us -- let's do that again. a few months ago, steven over here introduced us to 8-year-old tom, who was like the champ at ping pong bouncing off of things going into the blue cup. >> trick shot. we all said he was going to be the beer pong champ by the time he made it to college. >> right. >> well, a few months have gone
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by. >> is he 9 now? >> yeah, he's 9. >> tom is now 9 years old and he's made another trick shot video. and i have to say, he's improved with age. >> they grow up so fast, don't they? >> they really do. watch this. >> oh, that was sweet. >> a moving cup. >> but they get even more impressive. >> off a deck. >> off a wall. >> here is my absolute favorite. i can't figure out what's going on. this is like a mystery putt-putt course, ping pong into the blue ball shot -- blue cup. >> good grief. >> oh! >> oh. >> it bounced up to the roof, got in one of those grooufdves >> wait a minute, i think i lost it in the color of the sky. >> okay, watch. skateboard, into the cup. >> that is impressive. >> you know what's cool about tom, he makes these shots and
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he's just like -- he acts like a professional, he's been there before. >> he's chill. >> he is chill. a lesson in how to drive like vin diesel. ♪ >> he is hanging from the driver's side window. his head is about 2 inches from the ground. >> stick around to see the video featuring the insane stunt and one funny dude. >> this is crazy! great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet...
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if you're going to attempt a high dive, you need a lot of water, right? not if you're professor splash, a/k/a darren taylor. he broke a world record high high diving into a baby pool? 11.81 inches of water. >> are you kidding me? >> the yep. the dude is 51 years old from colorado. he's broken his own record a number of times. that's 36 feet he jumped from. >> this looks like a cartoon sglu stunt. >> no reports of any serious injuries and it's part of the guinness world records totally bonkers. >> that kiddie pool is not on the concrete or else this man would have his guts splashed out. >> as far as i know, we don't have any guinness world records among us, right? >> i think we hold the guinness
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world record for watching the most awesome videos on tv. >> you're right. there is one thing dogs hate more than a treatless day. the cone! the cone they get after they have had a surgery or some sort of a treatment. >> yep. >> it makes them look just so -- i feel embarrassed for them when i see them. >> this dog, he is a bulldog, had eye surgery the day before this video was taken. his name is two buck chuck. >> oh! >> two buck, get down. go, go. no, new york cio, get off the c >> we talked to his owner, jordan, and he thinks that two buck chuck is actually under the influence of a drug or two post surgery and so he's a little happy.
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>> it doesn't seem to be slowing him down at all. >> at all. >> he's still just as obnoxious and rambunctious as normal probably. >> you just don't like bulldogs. >> no, i don't. i'm watching this one and it looks just awful to have in the house. i' sorry, i'm going to be honest. was attacked by a bulldog as a child. >> my favorite part is the very end. look at what he does to get back at his owner. a little dry humping. >> oh, yeah. oh, boy. >> and the end. our friend, nathan, the guy behind our favorite nerdy dancer, keith, has a new video out. apparently he also is a part-time rap artist and as a bit of an extreme side.
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♪ he's all banged up >> this video is called driving by vince diesel. the song is called a viral climate. the video is about how he's learned to drive by watching "the fast and furious" series. as you can imagine, that probably means some crazy car stunts. ♪ then i threw the elbow out the window like vin diesel ♪ ♪ i don't care about the rules ♪ i didn't go to driving school, i was watching fast and furious 2 ♪ >> he is hanging from the driver's side window. i don't know who's behind the wheel, if anybody. his head is about 2 inches from the ground. >> maybe that's how he lost all his hair. >> there's someone behind the wheel with the seat laid down. >> i'm surprised he didn't get pulled over doing this. this is crazy.
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>> there are some times when the car is just creeping along but for the majority of the video it looks like the car is going pretty fast. he's in traffic. >> that's so dangerous. >> another funny one we'll put on our website, that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow for a very special fourth of july edition of "right this minute." -- captions by vitac --
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